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Picking a name for your business that represents your brand and identity is an important first step when starting a new business endeavor. In addition to choosing the right name, business owners must also ensure that the name is properly protected by registering it.

There are numerous considerations with choosing a name that best matches with your business persona. Business owners should choose a name that expresses their business’s philosophy and culture, as well as one that is unique and catchy.

When determining the right name, it is important for business owner to also conduct a trademark search to determine whether the name or a similar variation is already trademarked and being used by another business. Failing to undergo this step can prove very costly. Whether or not the intended name has been trademarked, business owners should also check with the appropriate agency in their state to find out whether the intended business name has been claimed within your state.

An effective web and social media presence is also very important in the marketing and advertising of your new business. Thus, small business owners should also think about how the intended name will appear online and whether a website URL for the name has been claimed.

Another option for businesses who wish to do business under a trade name, as opposed to the legal name of their entity, is to register for a “Doing Business As” or (DBA) with the appropriate state agency.